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Revision exercises for 3rd ESO

Present perfect: affirmative and negative
1   Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs in the box.
change create download not email
play post not use not visit


1   Polly ____________________ some photos on her blog. They’re from her party.
2   We ____________________ a personal webpage about our lives. It describes everything about us.
3   Lucy ____________________ a search engine for her homework. She prefers to go to the library.
4   You ____________________ your cousin in Australia. She’s sad because you never write
to her.
5   Dan and Luke ____________________ a lot of games online.
6   Tim ____________________ a chat room. He isn’t interested in chatting online.
7   I ____________________ some music. I’m going to listen to it now.
8   Karen ____________________ her email address to
2   Correct the mistakes.
     Leonie has chat with some friends online. û
     Leonie has chatted with some friends online.
1   I not have changed my email address. û
2   Pablo doesn’t have posted a message. û
3   We’ve using a search engine for the answers. û
4   Jo and Tom has looked at the website. û
5   He not has logged onto a chat room. û
6   She hasn’t share her music files. û

Present perfect: regular and irregular verbs
3   Write the letters in the correct order to make past participles. Then write the infinitive form.
     ungbe            begun                   begin
1   gohbut           b_____________     _____________
2   gothuth          t_____________      _____________
3   plest              s_____________     _____________
4   kepons          s_____________     _____________
5   kurnd             d_____________     _____________
6   wentrit            w_____________    _____________
4   Match 1–6 with a–g. Then write the present perfect form of the verbs.
     they / not meet      They haven’t met             Cuadro de texto: e
1   you / spend           ______________________
2   she / not log          ______________________
3   we / had                ______________________
4   I / check                ______________________
5   he / buy                ______________________
6   I / not create          ______________________
a   onto the website.
b   a new avatar.
c   my emails ten times today.
d   some ideas for a new website.
e   any new people online.
f    too much time online.
g   a lot of things on the internet.
Present perfect: questions
5   Write present perfect questions for the answers. Use the bold words to help you.
     Have you downloaded the music?
     Yes, I have. I downloaded the music this morning.
1   _________________________________________ ?
     Yes, he has. He emailed Sophie last night.
2   _________________________________________ ?
     No, she’s going to buy the CD tomorrow.
3   _________________________________________ ?

     Yes, they have. They drank all the milk for breakfast this morning.

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